The Yoga of Fat-Burning?

A local yoga studio just posted the following link –

“Think yoga is just for stretching and toning? Think again! The Top 5 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses! Can yoga help you burn calories and lose weight? Sure it can! Here are five poses to help you burn fat and tackle weight loss with a positive attitude, plus four yoga styles to help you stay fit.”

I definitely don’t do yoga to burn fat.

I do yoga to quiet my mind & to connect with my body.

Yoga is “prayer in motion” for me.

If fat-burning is an outcome, wonderful.

But, if one focuses on the fat-burning aspect, you miss out on the deeper levels of this amazing practice.

There is so much focus on the external body out in the marketplace.

The yoga studio for me is where I focus on the internal.

Definitely a counter-cultural shift for some.


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4 Responses to The Yoga of Fat-Burning?

  1. Gemma says:

    We have a nearby studio that labels itself as “yoga for athletes: no chanting, no granola, no sanskrit.” And I always think, “but I _like_ granola!”

    Yoga is a spiritual practice, first and foremost. I have little patience with those who say otherwise (go do Pilates!). And I have even less patience with those who promise things that just don’t make sense, like yoga as a fat-burner. The physiology just doesn’t work for that, and it preys on desperation in a way that is so contrary to the teachings of yoga that it almost makes me ill to think about it.

  2. Kate @ Walking in the Rain says:

    My favorite all time yoga DVD is Giam’s Weight Loss Yoga with…I can’t remember who….Susanne somebody? I love it not for its “weight loss” attributes but because it is a crazy good stretch for my tight hamstrings.

    I don’t think yoga should be touted as a fat burner. Sure, i’ve gotten sweaty in a few poses, but I think that yoga’s benefits come from how it makes me feel (graceful) and how quiet my mind gets after practicing. I’ll save the fat burning for my treadmill.

  3. I will have to look for it. Thanks for the tip!

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