Most of my scary overeating happens at night. The moment any type of feeling of emotion rises, I immediately start showing food down my throat, until time passes, and my body feels pain all over. It feels like it happens so quickly. I really don’t have a lot of memories of it happening, such as how much time has passed, what I’ve eaten, where I’ve eaten it.

There are a lot of emotions that I try to numb out using food. I haven’t really been able to identify them, however, even with professional help. I do have a sense of dread, or doom. Sometimes uncertainty, confusion, or frustration sets in. But over what? I have no idea.

I know that for the most part my binge eating won’t cease until I am able to know what these emotions are, & talk to them, & have them let me know what they need to tell me. I need to learn to feel these emotions without eating, so that I can retrain my mind that the feelings are not intolerable. They too shall pass. But, I am not at that point yet.

In the meantime, there are some binge-proofing strategies I need to put into place to at least lessen the hold food has over me.

The first one is that of sleep.

Most of my significant eating happens after 9pm or later. I find however, if I am in bed by 10pm, EVEN if I don’t fall asleep, I don’t usually eat. I am not a “Eat in Bed” kind of girl.

The second one is that of meditation.

It goes back to retraining the mind. Letting my feelings, thoughts, & parts know that I am safe. I am 35. And I can have the tools needed to cope with my present, safe situation. I am SO resistant to this, which lets me know, it is crucial for me to implement this into my life.

The third one is that of PLATE-USAGE.

Weird, I know. I recently told people in my women’s circle that I do not eat ANY of my meals at home on a plate, much less at a table, in a calm environment. I usually take the containers, spread them out on the floor, at voila… buffet! I think using a plate in the evening will make me more aware of the kinds of foods I am eating, as well as making the memory of me beginning and ending my meal more cemented in my mind. If I could use a plate before I decide to binge, that would be a real landmark. It’s hard for me to slow down and make those decisions before it happens.

What tools do you use to deal with your emotional eating?


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7 Responses to Binge-Proofing

  1. The plate is a big one for me too…I’ve been noticing how nicely some bloggers’ meals look, all laid out nicely on a plate and I think to myself…gee…if I did that, I’d probably be a lot more mindful about my eating!!

  2. N. Bee says:

    Why are we so conditioned not to feel? Reading your post inspires deep thoughts, makes me wonder… since eating is a means to contain emotion and plating is a means to contain what to eat, to structure and organize and therefore control, perhaps there is something significant in not so much what is eaten but how it is eaten, as in which thought is the most scariest… to have emotions just out there exposed or having feelings that cannot be controlled?

  3. Kate says:

    I hate that feeling of of dread. I call it the feeling of “impending doom.” Everything appears ok on the outside, but I feel like something bad is going to happen at any moment. Because I can’t fix whatever is causing the bad feeling, I eat. Nights are especially bad too because I’m usually on the internet or watching tv and its easier for the negative thoughts to spring up in my mind.

  4. Thanks you all for sharing your thoughts. Bee- I love what you said about HOW we eat. It’s not always about what, but rather how. I resonate with that thought. Kate, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I am confident that we can face this fear. Karen- thanks for coming out of the closet regarding “Plate-ing”!

  5. thedonutwhisperer says:

    There came a point in time for me when I realized that there was nothing wrong with finding comfort and/or pleasure in food. I found what was fueling my binges were mostly my thoughts of ‘I shouldn’t be eating this’ and ‘I know I will have to give this up to lose weight, so I might as well eat this whole pie tonight and try to start new tomorrow.’ After 10 years of this torturous mentality, I gave myself permission to truly enjoy food – any food. The only caveat: I would stop eating it if it dropped below a 7 or 8 on my pleasure scale (1-10). My extra 65 pounds dropped away.

  6. Sarah says:

    I am still working on figuring this one out, but getting enough sleep, trying not to judge my needs, watching my sugar intake, and cutting out artificial sweeteners seems to be helping a lot.

  7. GreenMumma says:

    Hey, stumbled across this blog. The title made me laugh out loud. this post really stuck with me. I love to eat. especially after 8pm…. going to bed earlier curbs it. guess i know what i need to do! 🙂

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