What do you want to taste in life?

“Force, fear, deprivation, guilt, judgment & shame will never lead to change.

Only kindness works.

Your relationship to food is an exact expression of your beliefs about worth, value, scarcity, abundance & pleasure.

Unless you question your beliefs,
your behavior will remain the same.

And unless you change your behavior,
your life will remain the same.

Taste what’s possible.

Give yourself the kindness &
support your heart is longing for.”

-Geneen Roth

What kind of kindness & support do you need/desire?


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One Response to What do you want to taste in life?

  1. Kate @ Walking in the Rain says:

    I think it changes depending on the day. Some days I want someone to vent to and others I feel like I need serious hand holding because I’m feeling insecure, neurotic, and emotional.
    But I think most of all is just the feeling that I have people in my life who will let me vent, whine, cry, offer advice, or whatever I need. Not having these people (like in the past) is stifling for me.

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