What I did on: Tuesday & Body Kindness!

8:00am Breakfast (scrambled eggs & oatmeal with sunflower butter & almonds/raisins)

8:45 Lower Body Strength Training

10:00 Lecture: Metabolic Basis of Weigh Gain & Loss; We discussed the importance of exercise for lowering your fat set point. Again, it was stressed that the scale in a very antiquated method of measuring fat loss. The best method is to look at how your clothes feel on you. We also talked about BMR/RMR/RER/TEF & other scientifical thing-a-lings.

11:15 Zumba *I only stayed for the warmup, as I cannot dance. It’s not pretty. I went to the weight room to do some elliptical & treadmill. I went 5 minutes longer on the treadmill as compared to yesterday, so that is cool.

12:00 Lunch *Guided Mindful Eating exercise; Really great chicken & cheese wrap;

1:00 Body Kindness Series: Being in the Body: How Do I Talk to Myself?

Self-Criticism or Punishment doesn’t change behavior. It’s not motivating. Work on going from Body Negativity to Body Neutrality. Notice your Successes. Practice Affirmations or Thought-Stopping. Make Self-Compassion part of your every day being: “May I be gentle with myself in this moment. May I be gentle with my (body part that you dislike) in this moment.”

Body Kindness includes:

Attention: listening for & responding to internal cues of hunger/fatigue;

Appreciation of your physical body *These are the arms that held my nephews.*

Acceptance: Loving what is, rather than longing for what is not. What works and how can I take a step toward kindness & action?

2:15 Vermonting to Clarendon Gorge; Snack of cheese & apple;

4:00 Sat outside and stared at the mountain. (Free time!)

6:00 Dinner: White fish, quinoa, & cauliflower; Carrot Cake & Milk.

7:00 Mindful Meditation (I added in some legs-up-the-wall!!)

8pm Day is done. Do what you want. Usually I talk to friends, talk on the phone, read, hang out, Facebook, etc.


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2 Responses to What I did on: Tuesday & Body Kindness!

  1. Kate says:

    Interesting–do you feel really tired with all the activity? I’m not active at all right now and the strength training/zumba/hike seems like a lot.

    Do they have food substitutions for people who can’t eat certain things (like dairy and gluten.)

    Thanks for the update! I really am enjoying reading what you are doing every day.

  2. Sarah says:

    This is really fun to read. It sounds like you are on a fantastic retreat- I’m so glad for you and I look forward to reading anything else you want to post about your retreat adventures.

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