Thursday: Tracking Your Success

7:00 am Breakfast (veggie sausage, waffles, boiled egg, & VT maple syrup!

8:45 Played hooky from “Strategies for the Minute (as in small) Minute” I needed to down time to decompress.

10:00 Lower Body Strength Training

11:15 Low-Impact Aerobics: This was the first time I made it through the whole class! I am so proud of myself!

12:00 Lunch -It was amazing, but I couldn’t eat very much due to stomach issues & having just completed a tough workout for myself. It was hummus & cheese over a portabella mushroom that had red pepper jelly on it. Cucumbers with vinaigrette. An amazing fruit salad was enjoyed to finish it off. I found out that the diet Green Mountain serves is a anti-inflammatory diet. FYI!

1:00 “Measuring Our Success: Beyond the Scale” lecture;

One aspect of GMFR that is really strong is their desire to see you succeed once you get home. So, they are constantly striving to get the participants to think about what changes they will be making. The way to keep moving forward with your health goals is to be spurred on by motivation. How does one stay motivated? By getting results! Unfortunately, I know if I don’t see instant results, I tend to give up RIGHT AWAY. They emphasized again, how important it is to NOT USE A SCALE. Fortunately, there are many other ways to track one’s progress.

Anecdotal ways: Better sleep. Decreasing negative self-talk. Having more energy. Getting better at noticing & honoring your feelings. Lowered blood pressure. Fewer headaches. Less irritability! Getting less winded during cardio. Being more flexible & limber. Leaving food on your plate. Drinking more water. Being able to touch your toes. Having less food thoughts. Being more in touch with your body’s hunger & satiety cues.

But a lot of people STILL LIKE THE NUMBERS….
You can measure:
Distance walked/biked/swam in a set time frame.
Flexibility Training
Strength Training Progress (reps/weights/sets)
Body Measurements: arm, chest, waist, hip, & thigh.

2:15 You could do aquatics or kickboxing. I chose to do some cardio in the weight room. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical! This is a huge deal because on Monday I could only do 5 minutes consecutively, Tuesday 10 minutes, & Wednesday 5 minutes. I then popped on the recumbent bike at watched my love: BRAVOTV.

3:30 Snack: I had a few almonds & some grapes.

3:45 1-hr. Progressive Relaxation; It’s a way to reduce anxiety by alternately tensing & relaxing the muscles. You isolate one muscle group. The create tension for 8-10 seconds, & then let the muscle go, while breathing deeply.

6:00 Dinner

7:00 We are going to paint pottery at Endless Creations.

Have you ever tried progressive relaxation?


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2 Responses to Thursday: Tracking Your Success

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve never heard of Progressive Relaxation, did you like it? I bet it would be something I should do, but would be too antsy/anxious in the beginning to focus on it.

    I hate the elliptical–I was doing it back when I went to the gym regularly and I hated it. I have a treadmill at home, I should try walking on it for a little bit in the mornings.

  2. P says:

    I’ve done progressive relaxation and use it as one of my self care tools when I’m super stressed.I like it!

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