You Can’t Binge With Wet Nails!

7:00 Morning Momentum (light aerobics & strength)
7:45 Breakfast (egg & amazing apple mufffin with pb)
8:45 Healing with Foods lecture *We talked about many food myths that are out in the public at large
10:00 Upper Body Strength Training
11:15 Vermonting on the logging trail
12:00 Lunch (Build your own taco salad)

1:00 DeStressing: It’s All How You See It
We talked about what stress is. Stress cuts you off from your connection with the body. As stress increases, self-care decreases. As self-care increases, stress decreases. Self-care is our tool box for dealing with stress. Positive & gentle self-talk is essential in handling stress. I know for me, my self-criticism is so ingrained in me, I don’t even notice it. So, I need to be aware of stress cues in my body & do early intervention with my self-talk.

2:15 I did the elliptical & took a bath & fiddled around with my Iphone.

3:45 Stopping a Binge lecture This was a really powerful talk for me. It really brought up a lot of stuff for me. Nothing totally new, but sometimes when info is presented by someone else in a different way, it can resonate with me. It was emphasized that for people who struggle with binge eating, weight loss goals need to be put on hold. You cannot tackle binge eating and weight loss at the same time. The goal should be to maintain your body weight & lessen the binges. I really like how the dietician broke down these steps for me. Obviously, not dieting is important. Going to the grocery store and having food in your house is key. It’s also imperative to establish regular patterns of eating. Using a hunger scale is really helpful with cueing into signals of hunger & satisfaction. I use one created by Linda Craighead. I think designating specific areas in your home for eating is KEY for me (not in the car, not in front of the fridge, not in front of the tv.) Binge eaters should identify triggers or purposes of binge behavior. To avoid binge eating one should remove triggers such as dieting, unstructured time, negative body thoughts, being alone.) When binges happen, don’t panic, stay present with your thoughts. Be mindful with the experience. Truly taste the food. Break dissociative behaviors by talking out loud, looking in the mirrior, don’t try to hide. Geneen Roth has written much about this in “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating.” To stop a binge, use music, dialogue with your eating disorder (ED) or “the voice”, sit with your feelings, use delay tactics, PAINT YOUR NAILS!! *You can’t binge with wet nails! After a binge, forgive yourself & be nice to yourself. Don’t weigh yourself, don’t start the cycle of deprivation -get back on a regular eating schedule.

I haven’t processed through all of the information.

5:00 Laundry

6:00 Steak, Cucumbers, Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms, & Watermelon.

7:00 Cooking Demonstration: Baking

9:45 Massage (hot stone) yep

Self Care is what recharges you. You need 10 SC strategies in your tool box. How do you recharge yourself with out food?


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2 Responses to You Can’t Binge With Wet Nails!

  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t think I’ve thought of painting my nails to stop a binge before! Nail polish is something I rarely use, but I’m going to keep it in my “tool box.” Thanks for the idea (and for posting notes from your session- did I mention I’m loving this?).

  2. Kate says:

    I would have loved to have sat in on those talks–especially the one on binge eating.
    I’m still binging. Not as frequently, but I’m still eating for emotional reasons and eating mindlessly a lot. I think I was under the impression that if I wasn’t binging binging, I didn’t have any more work left to do–I was cured!

    I think I’m going to stop focusing on weight loss at the moment and start working on really paying attention to what I eat and developing healthy exercise habits. The weight loss will come when I’m ready.

    ❤ Kate

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