Body Kindness: Part Deux!

im blogging about my time here in vt
this new girl comes in this wk
weve been hanging out with her
Last week I met an amazing girl Named C. We are in the same car, on the way to pottery, & she says, “Hey do you know anyone that blogs here? My mom is reading a blog of a participant who is here right now.”

So yes, C’s mom, is reading my blog!! So… BIG SHOUT OUT TO SUSAN of MISSOURI! Thanks for reading my blog!

Tuesday Schedule

8:15 Breakfast; Usually I have eggs & oatmeal. Today I changed it up with toast and butter *had to ask for it specifically* with cereal & milk.

10:00 Lower Body Strength Training
11:15 Vermonting on the Logging Trail
12:00 Lunch

1:00 Body Kindness: Part Deux! (Lecture)
We started off with a meditation & an affirmation: “May I be gentle with myself in my body.” We again talked about how there is a huge bridge between body negativity and body positivity. That bridge is called BODY NEUTRALITY. On the bridge of Body Neutrality, we need to: witness, report, & notice objectively about our bodies. For example, noticing the skin on your hands. Thinking about your hands & what they can do. Learning to appreciate not yet what the body looks like but what it can do for us.

Connecting with your body is so important during this stage. I for one, am extremely disconnected from my physical body. In fact, my head feels like it is totally separate from my physical body. I separate my head from my body because I have a part that feels so unworthy and flawed. I use food to help aid in that disconnection.

However, I do want to start my path toward Body Kindness & Positivity. So, the instructor advised that while I hike (which is one of my favorite aspects of personal joyful movement), I should take 3 minutes to really be present within my physical body. Observe… not judge. (SO HARD!!!) Notice… my pacing… my breathe.. how my body feels… etc.

Above all, during this bridging period, we are to be PATIENT with OURSELVES. This is a path, not a moment. It takes repeated practice.

We wrote a letter of gratitude toward our physical body. The instructor will mail it to us after our stay at Green Mountain.

Another technique described:
TURN ON: Mindfulness: Breath: Anything that connects you to your senses will move you toward neutrality
TURN DOWN: Negative Self-Talk through Self Compassion.
TURN AWAY from the mirror & prepare your affirmation
TURN BACK to the mirror & state your body-kind affirmation & repeat as needed. (I am more than my reflection.)

APPRECIATE, BEFRIEND, & Acknowledge the funky feelings you have. Question that funky part… learn from it… listen to its story…

Is there anything I can do about this RIGHT NOW? (BE. HERE. NOW. comes to mind.)
When you move into the past…. regret & judgment come up. When you move into the future…. worry & anxiety arise.

Stay present when negative body thoughts pop up.
You cannot hold onto 2 thoughts at the the same time in your head. Self-Compassion before Self-Criticism.

2:15 Vermonting to Buswell Road

3:15 Snack: OMG!! So good! Greek Yogurt, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, flaxseed, & BLUEBERRIES! I love blubes!

6:00 Dinner: Salmon & Cauliflower; Chocolate Zucchini cake
7:00 Chillax time.

What are your strategies for dealing with bad body thoughts? How do you try to stay present?


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  1. this program you are doing sounds so great! I’m glad you are loving VT, I love it, too 🙂

  2. Vermont is gorgeous! You are so lucky to live here!!!! I visited Burlington/Lake Champlain -it was out of this world!

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