Get UNSTUCK: Create Cognitive Shifts

Here at Green Mountain, there is an emphasis on the GM KISS strategies. GM KISS stands for “Green Mountain: Keep is Simple Sweetheart!”

In order to get unstuck… we have to create cognitive shifts. There are many tools for shifting how we think.

Accessing your “Wise Woman” Self (This comes from my work with Internal Family Systems.) Your “Wise Woman” Self is the part of you that you feel when you are grounded, centered, or at your best. It’s the part of you that is the adult that is competent, compassionate, self-assured, relaxed, creative, curious, & courageous. It’s the you who you would be should you never once encountered trauma or sin. But hey, we live in a fallen world, so most of us are not in “Self” at every moment of our lives.

We have to count our small successes.

We must plan & get support. Finding “safe” people to journey along with is crucial.

Keeping a gratitude list can aid in changing our neuro pathways.

Writing & saying our affirmations can create shift as well.

Having a survival kit to help us in those downward-spiraling moments can be helpful. The instructor suggested adding things to our kit including: a certificate for a massage, candles, CD of your favorite music, & a symbol/or anchor.

Deep breathing throughout the day helps you be more resilient as you are managing stress in a healthy way. A class participant downloaded a biofeedback bell onto her computer, & when it dings, it serves as a reminder to BREATHE DEEPLY!

I know that when I am feeling down & stuck I literally STICK myself to the couch & binge eat, overwatch television & become a lump of clay. The instructor encouraged us to reframe our use of the couch… COUCHERSIZE… instead of using the couch as a vehicle for stuckness… use it as a way to create SHIFTS!! Manage your stress by stretching on it, meditating on it, etc.

How do you get unstuck?


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6 Responses to Get UNSTUCK: Create Cognitive Shifts

  1. I try to reassess my goals. I need to work harder on breathing deeply!

  2. Luanne says:

    I feel stuck right now…and am trying to figure it out…!

  3. Kate says:

    I like keep it simple sweetheart better than the other KISS acronym I’ve heard.
    I definitely do similar things to you when I feel stuck–glued to the couch and binging! I need to work on spending time away from the couch. Maybe a different seat in the house will be enough to re frame my mind from “ugh binging on the couch” to “hmm now what else can I do to change things up?”

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