Hopes for the year ahead

The new school year provides the chance to take stock, start over, set some goals, etc…What are your hopes for the upcoming school year?

(Whether you are in school or not?)

Mine: Showing compassion with healthy boundaries towards my students, co-workers, & especially myself!


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2 Responses to Hopes for the year ahead

  1. Michele says:

    I love the start of the school year. I’ve always said whether in school or working, my life operates on an academic calendar. It’s a fresh start with the next nine months ahead for progress, goals, work, and learning all the lessons (both personal and in the school context) presented. And we know that once the excited of the new beginning of August wears off, we look toward Christmas for a break. We all hunker down for some serious work between now and Christmas…

    What kind of teacher are you? Young children, high school, undergrad, graduate/professional?

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