Buried Treasure

Squirrels are now busy hiding nuts for hungry days ahead. Rather than hide all their nuts in one place – and risk having another animal eat the entire mother lode – gray squirrels hide little caches of nuts in many locations. Then they rely on their keen sense of smell – and a bit of memory – to find a whopping 85-90% of the buried treasures. But ironically, it’s the nuts they never find that provide the most sustenance … because those nuts grow into trees that will feed squirrels for centuries.

(Taken from Trailbound Trips)

My buried treasure is the legacy of faith that has been passed down from generation to generation. It certainly isn’t my salvation, but nonetheless something I can look back upon, & be encouraged by. It has shaped the person I am today.

Who left you a “buried treasure” that has greatly nurtured you?


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