Joyful Movement

Exercise – even as little as walking for 3
hrs. per week for 3 months – results in the formation of new neurons & a BIGGER brain!
(Toni et al., Nat Neurosci 2007; Pereira et al.,PNAS 2007)

It’s wonderful to read reasons why we should/can exercise for reasons that have nothing to do with weight loss. Unhooking exercise from weight loss is an essential move towards balanced, healthful living.


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One Response to Joyful Movement

  1. Michele says:

    I like the bigger brain possibility. That probably helps prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias as well. You’re so right that it’s nice to read benefits of exercise that have nothing to do with weight loss. It’s all about health anyway, and weight loss is just one tiny (sometimes not so tiny) indicator of that. I know several people who are of quite normal weight who I surmise are much less healthy than me even though I’ve got plenty of weight to lose.

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