Stories Within Community Equals Peace

It’s scary to share your story. I mean telling stories with you as a shining, successful star is fabulous & ego boosting. However, when you are the one struggling, it’s not as fun to be real & authentic.

So, I took a chance awhile back & I did.

Somebody heard my story, & emailed me THEIR story, & told me how mine had impacted them. They felt brave enough to share what was going on in their journey, & at a breaking point, thought of my story & decided to really to feel their feelings, & not mask them with food.

She actually thought of me, & my honesty, & my willingness to learn. It gave her strength to stop & listen to her body, which was not physically hungry.

Being in community brings about peace. Om shanti!

I have to say I am so honored to be on this journey with you, Oakton Girl.


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