My Parts

My Parts
by Jeannette A Rogers, November 2010

My protector is there each and every day.
Warding off the exiles, they have something to say

My exiles are frightened for they didn’t have a voice
Abused as a child, there was no other choice.

But to keep those exiles hidden deep inside
The hurt and the pain have long been denied.

The exiles were in hiding too scary to see
Never allowing my Self to be free

Running from the Self no safe place to hide
Feeling only pain as if the Self died.

So the exiles got tired of feeling the pain.
Each and every day, again and again

And found the Self with arms open wide
To listen to the child, to help and be her guide

To see her and nurture her, never turning her away
To allow her to laugh, allow her to play.

Compassion and empathy was given to the child
For the Self knew her pain of being defiled

Self is here to listen and to heal
To nurture that child, allow her to feel.

So Thank you Self for being there for me
Only thru your love will I be able to be free.

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