Senses Saturday

tasting :: Youthberry tea from Teavana; Cucumbers & tomatoes on a cream-cheesed bagel.

hearing :: rustling of autumn’s leaves

smelling :: a fall burn in the forest preserve

seeing :: my body in the mirror as I get stronger & stronger mentally & physically

feeling :: Content. In the moment. Free.

wishing/hoping :: for better emotional boundaries; continued joy; prioritizing my passions.

What about you?

What are your senses this Saturday?


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2 Responses to Senses Saturday

  1. Sarah says:

    What a fun post! I’ll go…
    tasting: a perfect cup of (decaf! fair trade AND organic…heart be still…) coffee in a new-to-me cafe with half-and-half and cinnamon

    hearing: stories from the mouth of my best friend and husband

    smelling: salt and seafood at baltimore’s inner harbor

    seeing: clear blue skies, peaceful water

    feeling: tired (for well-worth-it reasons), grateful, nearly ready for this baby to come

    wishing/hoping: that i can truly have a relatively “enjoyable” birth experience

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