Random Acts of Kindness to Yourself!

What have you done for yourself, out of the blue?

Tonight…. I SKIPPED YOGA!!! I stayed home, ate pizza mindfully (could-a added some veggies), & watched Real Housewives.

Not only do we need to find good matches with our eating experiences, we need to find good matches with our lives.

Yes, I love yoga. Yes, I need to move. But, I won’t have another night this week where I can have some down time to be at home.

This is a gift to myself.

I think a random manicure is in order too!


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3 Responses to Random Acts of Kindness to Yourself!

  1. Sarah says:

    I love that you did that.
    Myself? I haven’t been doing enough yoga…so today, my gift to myself was my yoga practice. Even if I did have to stop and start a couple of times to take care of the little one:-).

  2. Kate says:

    I need to do more yoga–I feel really good even when I just do 20 minutes in my living room. (My dog things I’m crazy.) lol

  3. Please pray for me to continue to have trust and have hope in this time where taking another step seems impossible.

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