Christmas Party

I had a Christmas Party last night, and I was STARVING!!!! I finish eating lunch around 1pm, and it was already 6pm. I didn’t want to arrive at the party over-hungry, so I went home and had some protein… turkey I think. THEN I headed for the party. Since I go to this party every year, I know what is the “good stuff” to eat. I chose some of those, and then had 2nds on a few items. Soon I was full. Not satisfied, but FULL. Then, I tried to focus on the social aspect of the party. Not my cup of tea, but I gave it the old college-try.

I soon went home, and wanted to eat. It’s possible I had a tiny bit of physical hunger. I ate peanut M&Ms. I had half a bag that I had portioned out yesterday. Afterwards, I thought, “Wow, I feel better after eating only half a bag!” However, there was another bag around the corner shouting my name. I had another half bag & really felt done. But, the screaming continued!!!

I decided to try a new technique that I decided I would practice. I need to go inside myself and inquire as to how much calm do I have in my body right now, and how much anxiety. Well, there was a lot of anxiety! I also realized I was fatigued and tired!!! Bad combination for potential binge eating!

So, I decided to BREATHE instead of eat.

This is very big for me. I never decide to breathe. Someone suggested I try that this week, and I did for the heck of it. And this time… it worked! Soon after, I headed for bed.

It was a good experience, & I intend to keep it in my pocket of good experiences, so I can draw upon it in future situations.

Breathing: 1 Bingeing:0


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3 Responses to Christmas Party

  1. Kate says:

    Wahoo! That is excellent!

  2. Meghan says:

    Jill-That’s awesome. Makes me wonder how many times a DAY I am choosing eating over breathing….I will have to keep this in mind the next time I’m “craving” chocolate! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! XOXO

  3. Fabulous, Jill! What a discovery, huh?

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