Welcome, 2012!!

Wow, it’s time to kick-off 2012 with some inspiration!

Last year, I created a vision board with a central theme of “SAVOR”.

This year my WORD OF THE YEAR is *CALM*. It is my intention to bring more calm into my life, by observing my ratio of calm to worry, and breathing in more peace & presence of mind.

Here are some inspiring links that have inspired me to look forward to 2012’s unknown adventures:


New Year’s Resolutions: Eating Experts Wish You a Diet-Free New Year



“Resolutions get a bad rap. And I think it’s because for so many people, resolutions look like the above. They’re filled with shoulds. And who looks forward to making resolutions that we don’t want to do in the first place? Or ones that we want to accomplish but don’t respect our bodies? Or ones that don’t dig deeper to discover what we truly want?”



Start 2012 with self-acceptance and an intention for self care through resolutions that will nurture the whole self.



“Think of eating and physical activity as a pendulum with two extremes: All and Nothing. What happens if you draw a pendulum in one direction and let it go? Of course, it swings to the opposite extreme. Too often, this is how people approach their eating and exercise choices: all or nothing.”



Choose your own word of the year!


What’s in store for your 2012 ahead?


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2 Responses to Welcome, 2012!!

  1. I like your word for the year. I think seeking a calm state prepares us for EVERYTHING we do in life… for everything that happens that’s out of our control and for everything we might make decisions about. Looking forward to 2012!

  2. Sarah says:

    My word of the year is “courage.” Courage to forge ahead despite the temptation to remain in the safe and the comfortable. I wasn’t planning on choosing a word of the year, but it just kind of showed up…and now I’m truly excited about it!

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