It Took A Salad Just One Salad

Tuning into your body’s needs can be the first step towards freedom.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Last week was just a downer in terms of the way I was using food to comfort & numb. I was feeling some despair because I felt like I was in a hole I couldn’t get out of. But, at the same time, I knew I was coming off of three really amazing weeks of staying attuned to my body’s needs.

Finally, I just STOPPED. I said, “You have not been stuck forever. Let’s count how many actual days this has been going on. Five. Five days is not forever. You are not going to do this forever. You have all these amazing experiences with which to anchor yourself & move forward.”

And. That is just. What I Did.

I really tuned into what my body wanted, not necessarily what my tongue wanted, although I took it into consideration. I wanted green stuff. And. Protein. I wanted a salad with raw veggies, cottage cheese, olives, & an egg! And I went out and got it! I went to a favorite restaurant of mine Jason’s Deli where they have great healthy choices & the biggest salad bar known to man… well except for maybe the restaurant Sweet Tomatoes (which I don’t care for).

I was somewhat mindful when I ate. This is a key area I need to still work on. I did eat without distraction for awhile, but then curiousity got the better of me, & I pulled out my I-Phone. I eat really fast, so I would like to work on slowing down & enjoying the taste, texture, & delicious smells of my food.

It’s only been a day and a half, but I already feel better about where I am at.


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6 Responses to It Took A Salad Just One Salad

  1. Allie Brock says:

    I think you are amazing, inspiring, SO smart, SOOOO funny…did I mention amazing?

  2. Think of where you can/will be in a month if you’re already feeling better after a day and a half. Small steps = big milestones.

  3. TV says:

    I love your blog. So real. I relate to so much that you share. One salad has gotten me on track recently too and reminded me to not give up and give in to the loathing. You are brave and so humorous 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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