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March Foodie Penpals

This month I decided to participate in Lindsay’s Foodie Penpals program. I was paired up with Laura of “Becoming the Odd Duck.” You can visit her website here: I was so thrilled to get some amazing treats in the … Continue reading

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Without The Numbers

Walking on the beach. The pure joy of being outdoors, watching the ocean waves, & finding shells…. amazing. The calorie burn? Who cares! I’m just enjoying moving my body. THIS is what exercise should be about… pure bliss, without the … Continue reading

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I don’t want my epitaph to be “Jane wished she was thin.”          Photo Courtesy: Especially, because my name isn’t Jane. I don’t want to waste any moment of my life wishing for things that might not happen, might … Continue reading

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Amelia Island

Picked up at the airport by a Mercedes-Benz, dinner at the Ritz Carlton, walked along the beach, heading for the hot tub. Yes, I believe this vacation is starting out just fine. (Image Courtesy:

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Mixing It Up

I don’t really talk about my yoga or my workout plans here. I’m still yoga-ing & exercising. I feel rather blah and uninspired with my yoga, so I’m trying to mix it up. I’ve tried Centergy at my gym. Centergy … Continue reading

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The Eating of Jai

The Sanskrit word Jai, means victory, or joy. It can be used in an exclamatory way to show wonderment, admiration, and deep respect. It could be translated as “WOW!” “Awesome” or “Many Glories!” It is a simple word that describes … Continue reading

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Processed Plateau

So, this is where I’m at. I no longer diet. I exercise for pleasure. I’ve legalized foods. I’m not bingeing as much. I mostly eat when I am hungry. I’m working on stopping when I’m full. I only use the … Continue reading

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