Mixing It Up

I don’t really talk about my yoga or my workout plans here. I’m still yoga-ing & exercising. I feel rather blah and uninspired with my yoga, so I’m trying to mix it up.

I’ve tried Centergy at my gym. Centergy is a class that is a pre-choreagoraphed routine to music that incorporates pilates and yoga asanas. Some gyms call it Body Flow. It was kind of odd, because it was so different than a typical vinyasa class. It moved a lot more quickly than my Yoga Basics classes. There was about 10 minutes of the class that was so difficult that were no modifications possible for the poses.

I also tried a new yoga studio that is much closer to my house than the one I usually go to. It had a really cute boutique area. The studio specializes in hot yoga. However, even the non-hot class I attended was 84 degrees (with the fans on) as opposed to my typical 79 degrees. I don’t even like my typical 79 degree temperature. These temperatures make me feel uncomfortable, & nervous. It also triggers my asthma. Sometimes drinking water helps. Often times I take a break three-fourths of the way through so I can breathe clearly.

How are you mixing it up fitness or food wise?


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11 Responses to Mixing It Up

  1. Kate says:

    I love centergy, I haven’t taken a class at my gym yet, but I’m looking forward to it. (I might ask my personal trainer if I could take a class saturday as part of my homework.) I agree while doing centergy it isn’t a normal yoga class, and there were times when I would get lost and become behind the flow. I have a hard enough time going from forward bend, plank, down dog, plank, and setting to a fast paced song doesn’t help.

    Well I’ve been going to a personal trainer, and I think she is trying to kill me. lol I should have realized when her card said she was cross fit certified that her workouts would be harder than I was expecting. The good thing is that I never get bored, we’re doing something different every time, and I feel fantastic when I’m done. Its just during the workout I think I’m going to die. Luckily my trainer is super nice and wants me to tell her when something is too hard for me. She wants me to work hard, but not to the point I’m injured or never want to work out again.

  2. Paleo Yogini says:

    I think anytime I (and most people) do something different, even if it’s fun, there’s some discomfort and fear involved. I enjoy yoga in a hot room and about two years ago, I bought one of those Bikram month long memberships for $29. I hated it. I went to two classes and would have paid more NOT to go. And I think that a teeny part of me hated it beyond what it was because it was not within my comfort zone. I wasn’t GOOD at it. It wasn’t a known quantity. Same with Zumba, where it took me right back to high school where I was the geeky, uncoordinated girl who was so unsexy that everyone would laugh when she dared to move her body in somewhat of a suggestive fashion..

    Obviously trying new things says a lot about me, since I want to the the best as long as people aren’t laughing at me!

    And eating outside my comfort zone is even harder. Leaving behind a lifetime of food rules is daunting, especially when I proselytized about these rules for so long. Taking that leap of faith, remembering that these rules are the ones that got me to where I am today, is a hard change to make. Today I shook it up by buying cupcakes and ate a sliver of each to see which was my favorite. Guess what? None were. I wound up having an orange for dessert and my kids are taking the rest to school.

    Where do you practice?

    • It is great to reach outside a comfort zone! I tried Zumba, my hips don’t move like that! It’s fun to watch though! I think reaching outside my comfort zone with food would be eating more fresh items. I practice yoga in a studio, but Centergy was at my zone. The studio is more Anusara/Vinyasa, but will start offering Ashtanga. Another zone for me to enter into?

  3. Kate says:

    So far it’s things like doing intervals on the treadmill and doing the weight machines on days I don’t see her. She doesn’t have me flipping tires yet! Lol

  4. Run Eat Play says:

    I hate working out when it’s really hot and humid. Centergy sounds like a neat class!

  5. I get bored kind of easily, so I hardly ever stick to one thing for long (except for yoga- but it helps that there are so many different kinds of yoga!). I was stuck on 30 Day Shred and bikram yoga for awhile, now I’m on to Bob Harper dvd’s. It’s hard to tell what’ll be next, but I think my newest dvd’s will keep me interested for awhile.

  6. Claire says:

    Have you ever tried Ana Brett and Ravi Singh’s Kundalini Yoga Videos? I love those so much and I still use them at least a few times a week. I feel great afterwards!

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