Reject the Diet Mentality

What if you are on the island of Diet Mentality, but you want to move to the mainland of peace and calm?

Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch recommend the following steps to reject the diet mentality.

Step One: Recognize & Acknowledge the Damage that Dieting Causes (Biological, Health, Psychological, Emotional)

Step Two: Be aware of Diet Mentality traits and thinking about willpower, obedience, and failure.

Step Three: Get rid of dieting tools.

I had to acknowledge that dieting was hurting my mind, heart, and soul.

Dieting was partially the reason I was severely anemic. My emotional health was at risk too, as my entire week’s happiness was based upon what the scale said.

Psychologically speaking, I became a very black-and-white thinker. Either I was bad (overweight) or good (thin.) Either I stayed on my eating plan, or I didn’t. If I ate three bites of the brownie, crap, might as well start a week-long eating binge.

Because I couldn’t stay on a diet, I attributed it to being a failure. Even though I was successful in my career, owned my own home, had a graduate degree, because I did so as a fat person, I was a failure.

Willpower. Ugh.

Yes, my doctor said if I had more willpower I’d be a more successful dieter. I don’t believe in willpower.

I think I began to truly break my dieting mentality, when I gathered up my WW activity & food point slides, all my dieting books & magazines, and shoved them in a box, & shipped it over to Goodwill. I no longer wanted to associate myself with something that brought so much emotional pain & physical damage to my body.

When I knew that I could feed myself according to my inner wisdom, and not Jenny Craig or Kirstie Alley, when I could depend upon myself… the butterfly started to emerge.

How do you actively reject the diet mentality?


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4 Responses to Reject the Diet Mentality

  1. Hey sis!

    Just like you, I have to be aware of my thinking. I can be very dualistic at times instead of just “being” without judgment. Forgetting about numbers and not weighing myself constantly were two crucial steps in rejecting the diet mentality. Great post!

  2. When I dieted on commercial plans, it felt like someone took my best friend away and I was angry a lot of the time and this was not something I was use to feeling or wanting to express to relative strangers. I despised the “counselors” and all the torture I felt they were putting me through. I remember I ate a baked pork chop before a weigh in one time and she suggested that I eat something lighter before a weigh in. OMG! I needed a real counselor! I knew something was wrong but wow, I had no idea how deep it would go!! I think a bonfire of the WW materials would have been good – no need to make someone else suffer!!
    To answer your question, when I first started my journey, I listened to diet talk on tv especially in January and got angry. Then I started blocking out anyone that spoke of diets until I understood what I was doing and it no longer affected me. Now I try to listen if they incorporate any emotional work into it.

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