Chocolate Book Give Away Winner

The winner of the give away for the “But I Deserve This Chocolate” book is………


Jeanie’s obstacles include the muffins on her counter. Her favorite form of chocolate is dark chocolate chips! CONGRATS!!!! 🙂

My personal obstacle to pursuing health is not being able to wait for long term affects. I am an instant gratification girl.

My favorite form of chocolate are Frango Mints. They are a Chicago delicacy, originally made for Marshall Fields department stores, and now found at that other M-word store.

So, I guess now that I’m done with “But I Deserve This Chocolate”, I’ve got to get started on another book. What do you recommend I read next?


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2 Responses to Chocolate Book Give Away Winner

  1. I too, am obsessed with Frango Mints. For some reason I associate them with the holidays. I think it’s because we always had them out around our house during that time since my dad would receive so many boxes as gifts from work. Soooo sooo good!

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