ABC’s of Self-Care

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Dealing with the demands of life can cause stress and stifle your spirit – if you let it. Make sure you are nurturing your emotional and mental health by developing coping skills.

It can be as simple as the ABC’s:
A – Anger Management;
B – Belong to a group;
C – Creatively express yourself;
D – Deep breathing;
E – Emotional awareness;
F – Focus on what is important;
G – Goal setting;
H – Humor;
I – Inner strength;
J – Journal writing;
K – Keep in touch with friends;
L – Leisure time;
M – Meditation;
N – Nature appreciation;
O – One step at a time;
P – Problem solving;
Q – Quality relationships;
R – Recreation;
S – Sleep well;
T – Time management;
U – Use your talents and strengths;
V – Volunteer your time;
W – Walk;
X – (e)Xercise;
Y – Young at heart;
Z – Zest for life!

*Source Unknown

HINWXY I have got down pat.
DMOT I’d like to add to my life.

Which ABCs have you already incorporated into your life?
Which ones would you like to add?


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2 Responses to ABC’s of Self-Care

  1. Kara says:

    I’d like to do some more goal setting. I have these dreams formulating in my head, but I’m hesitant and slow to move on it…. I suppose better time management would help too…

    I did not sleep well last night, but that was due to exercising, which was fantastic!

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