May Mindful Eating Marathon

Join me for the May Mindful Eating Marathon 26.1 Days of Eating Mindfully!

*I will be posting my own updates, as well. 🙂

What: A challenge to be mindful of everything you eat. Dr. Susan Albers will be sharing tips and a daily challenge.
When: Everyday in May!
Who: YOU!
Twitter: eatingmindfully
The Web:

What is your biggest mindful eating challenge?
What questions do you have about mindful eating?


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19 Responses to May Mindful Eating Marathon

  1. Michele says:

    I am intrigued. Since I’m traveling the first full half of the month, I’m hoping to just not eat ice cream every day… and skip bread in restaurants. Then again, maybe while traveling is the perfect time to truly pay attention to what I need.

    • Oh yes! I think to really sit with the food we desire, notice its textures, its sweetness, how it smells, how we feel before and after eating… wow what an experience to savor!

  2. Run Eat Play says:

    Looks like a great challenge! I have a problem eating slowly. I inhale my food, but I have been working on slowing down.

  3. My biggest challenge is eating without distractions or multitasking. This challenge sounds fun!

    Eat Live Move

  4. I think my biggest challenge in eating mindfully is TIME. Much of the time, I need to eat quickly or I will not eat at all. I laugh at myself because I find myself eating meals quickly and while standing up even when I don’t need to, just because I’m so used to it right now…but I do think I can still eat mindfully during time constraints. Of course, I just need to put more THOUGHT into it.

    • Sarah, I think you are going through a really beautiful, yet challenging season right now. Enjoy that baby boy, & take care of yourself imperfectly. Maybe find one moment a day to savor a quick snack. Something is better than nothing!

  5. Wow this is great! I know I’m late, but I got a head start since I started to eat clean last Monday!! I’m going to check out the rules. Thank you for inviting me!

  6. choc3178 says:

    I saw your post and it definitely made me rethink my past weekend of eats…none of which were entirely mindful decisions. But that’s okay, tomorrow starts a new week!

  7. Debbish says:

    I’m reading these posts in reverse…. but keen to see what challenges you come up with for the month. I’m new to the concept of mindful and intuitive eating – so am hoping to learn from your experience (and that it will give me something to think about!)


  8. Wendy says:

    Great idea. Oh wow the honesty hear! I see my own experience in these words. I feel I beve missed out mote than have the month my biggest fear is my whole life will go by and I will never get this mindful eating thing right I will miss most tastes as well as in my life , miss the flavors of the moment because mind is of chasing the next thing…. And yet when I settle into presence even the simplest food can be sublime…. And I so realize you can’t think you way into mindfulness 0h I so desire this for myself!

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