Mindful Eating Challenge #2

I had a little bit of trouble with this challenge. I was on a field trip with my clients. It was difficult to have any quiet & privacy at all, as it is thrilling for clients to watch their teacher eat lunch. Paparazzi, anyone? I was able to check in in the middle of my meal, & I determined that I was satisfied, and did not need to eat all of my lunch.

NatureBox Cranberries Jubilee, Tuna, Peach Chobani, & Cheese/Crackers.

I did enjoy the texture that the trail mix brought to my yogurt. It was pure delight. I remember thinking, this is the best meal I’ve ever had! So much so, I didn’t need the tuna, nor the cheese/crackers combo.

Later on, I tried this exercise with berries. Unfortunately, I wasn’t hungry enough to make it a whole meal. But, I did bring some mindfulness to it. I noticed that the first bite of the raspberry was tart. The second bite was sweet. Really cool!

What are these Challenges teaching you?

What is your favorite lunch?

What are finding out about yourself & your food?

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  1. I’m learning I really need to pay attention to my food more, I definitely am a mindless eater, I notice when I take my time, I don’t need as much food. My favorite lunch would have to be sweet potato or a “everything” salad, where I just throw in an enormous amount of veggies

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