Mindful Eating Challenge #3

Oh wow, this challenge is totally for me. I have eaten the same breakfast almost everyday for over the last year and a half. I had already planned out my lunch, although then my teammates and I decided to go out for lunch. Dinner was going to be a catered event for our district’s retirees, so that leaves dessert. My typical dessert fare includes ice cream. Maybe I could try fruit? Not because it’s healthy, but because I have some watermelon in my fridge I’ve been meaning to try. I do typically have watermelon 2 or 3 times during the summer. The watermelon I have is not in season, but I think it will help me mix up my typical menu.

Watermelon Update: Wow. Such a refreshing treat! Juicy goodness. Not too sweet.

How are you mixing it up?

How are you getting out of old ruts and routines?

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3 Responses to Mindful Eating Challenge #3

  1. Maria says:

    Wow- beautifully done! Great presentation. My problem is the opposite: I get bored with food so eaily that I rarely eat the same food twice inside a month. Tried plaintain recently- that was… interesting! ~Maria

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