Mindful Eating Challenge #4

I have mindfully eaten chocolate before. Once when I heard Dr. Michelle May speak, & twice when I attended a Geneen Roth conference. But to do it on my own, without the assistance and support of helping professionals?? Horror! 🙂

I decided to hit up Whole Foods, aka Whole Paycheck & see what fair-trade chocolates they had to offer. I’ve been learning more about the fair-trade movement from Sarah Koller, who blogs at The Social Eater. She suggested I look for Equal Exchange, Divine Chocolate, or Theo.

I chose Equal Exchange’s organic & fairly traded dark chocolate bar with almonds. Okay, fine I also bought chelated iron pills, a peanut butter & strawberry Kind Bar, & 2 samples of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter & Maple Almond Butter.

Inside the wrapper, you can read the story of small-scale farming, and how the production of this product is positively impacting communities in both the Dominican Republic and Peru.

As I carefully unwrapped this bar, I felt as if I was channeling Charlie Bucket ~looking for the lucky Golden Ticket.

I unwrapped just the corner, and inhaled. Dark Chocolate. Nuts. It almost smelled like baking chocolate. I hoped it was not too bitter.

Next, I tried to visualize how much chocolate would feel good in my body. I asked myself how I wanted to feel AFTER I had eaten the chocolate. I tried to check in and see where my hunger levels were.

On a seven scale of one to seven, I was admittedly a 4. Not quite hungry, but not yet satisfied either.

I decided I would eat three squares of the chocolate, and the re-evaluate.

As I held the chocolate, it melted ever so slightly. I could feel the warmth of my hands connecting with the chocolate. It tasted a bit sweeter than I had anticipated. There did not seem to be much of a bitter aftertaste, which was important to me. The nuts were chopped very finely, and gave the chocolate great texture. I put a larger piece into my mouth, & let it rest on my tongue for a while. It too, melted.

I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate, and the entire experience.

I think the experience of eating can be happy, but the food itself does not bring about happiness.

What type of chocolate would you like to bring mindful eating to?
What types of fair-trade products do you keep in your house?


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8 Responses to Mindful Eating Challenge #4

  1. Maria says:

    I try very hard to convince myself that I am a grown-up and, as my “friend” put it, “milk chocolate is for babies”, so I buy dark chocolate often. But I always feel I am eating it to please someone else, or because its the one that’s actually good for me- which means milk chocolate remains somewhat taboo…secretive….and therefore altogether more delicious!
    It’s not a pretty scenario.
    So if I am going to eat chocolate purely for a little heaven its got to be milk for me, and preferably Cadburys. Like Pavlov’s dogs, if I even see the same shade of purple that Cadbury’s wrap their chocolate in somewhere else, I start to salivate. But too much or too often really diminishes the pleasure. It is easy to desensitize from chocolate overuse, and then it can become like pill-popping; like Dr. House on Hersheys.
    Thanks for a gorgeously written reminder.

  2. Kara says:

    My chocolate craving has decreased significantly. At one point, I could go through a 300 g bag in a matter of hours, and it was a struggle to get through a day without buying that bag of chocolate. Now, I rarely get cravings (only once in the last six months) and when I do, I fine with a chocolate bar, which I may (or may not) eat mindfully!

  3. Debbish says:

    I’d buy Lindt chocolate or my weakness – caramel-filled chocolate… but not sure I would be able to eat mindfully and NOT binge yet!


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