Mindful Eating Challenge #5

Originally, my friends and I decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. We called about 2 weeks ahead of time for a reservation. Unfortunately, we had forgotten it would be Cinco De Mayo, so they were totally booked. So, we excitedly decided upon an Italian restaurant, where one of the girls wedding reception was.

There were a few problems with this mindful meal. First of all, I wasn’t terribly hungry. We had just left a birthday party where I’d eaten a slice of cake, & munched on a few other items. I made a conscious effort to arrange my hunger so I’d still enjoy my meal at the restaurant.

It is so important to be hungry before you eat. If you don’t have a signal that tells you that you are hungry, you certainly are not going to get a signal to tell you that you are satisfied, and that you should stop.

Before I ate, I tried to visualize what a good match would be for me. You can read all about matching in the book Diet Survivors. Because I no longer diet, I can trust my inner wisdom to tell me what my body wanted. More specifically, I could ask myself questions such as “Do I need carbs, fat, or protein?” “Would I prefer hot or cold? Crunchy or smooth?”

My body told me that I wanted protein.

I ordered Campanelle Polpetto al Forno. It was a bell-shaped pasta baked with provolone and prosciutto stuffed meatballs, parmesan cheese, and a tomato basil sauce.

My friends and I also shared the Fried Calamari with marinara sauce.

I don’t think I totally enjoyed what I ordered. Probably, because I didn’t have enough hunger.  I really loved the provolone cheese atop of it. It tasted really salty, and I loved every bit of it. I had some of the pasta, and a couple of the meatballs. Remember that protein my body wanted?

The rest I had wrapped up so I could take it home. Hopefully, I will eat it sometime tomorrow when I have actual physical hunger.

How do you decide what to eat at a restaurant? Do you check in with yourself to make the right match? What is your favorite restaurant?


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2 Responses to Mindful Eating Challenge #5

  1. Hey there! Great post. I love this challenge!

    I do check in with myself when I go to restaurants. I actually find it easier to do when I’m at a new restaurant. When I go to my favorite Thai restaurant, it’s hard to stray away from chicken pad thai, my favorite dish.

  2. Kara says:

    I don’t go out to eat very much. When I go out, I suggest healthier options (if possible). I look at the menu beforehand (online) and consider what I would like to eat. Then I visualize myself ordering said food. Sometimes I order something different than what I picked earlier. But, I’m ok with that.

    BTW I love fried calamari. Ymmmmm…

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