Mindful Eating Challenge #6

I went grocery shopping today. I was so excited to buy my favorite ice cream treat. I hadn’t bought them in awhile, because I honestly hadn’t been craving them.

Sunday night I am very vulnerable to binge eating. On a typical Sunday, I might eat three of these treats. But tonight was different.

I gathered all of my dinner’s fixings on one plate. Whole Wheat 12 grain bread, turkey from the deli, cucumbers, & muenster cheese all on a sandwich. Oh, & with real butter! I don’t usually keep butter in the house, but my plan this week is to eat less frozen dinners and more sandwiches for lunch. In addition, I had some watermelon. Oh, you can see the ice cream bar in the corner! 🙂

True Confessions: I don’t usually use a plate. I typically just eat one item at a time, and move from the fridge to the couch, and back to the fridge. It felt like a big step to use a plate. It felt very nurturing and care-taking.

Putting the dessert on the plate, kind of neutralized it. Meaning, it became equal to the sandwich and the watermelon. The ice cream bar didn’t glitter as much. And that’s good. Food doesn’t need to glitter. It needs to be savored, but in the end, it’s just food.

I really enjoyed the meal immensely.

How do you handle food when it glitters? How have you made peace with food?


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4 Responses to Mindful Eating Challenge #6

  1. Kara says:

    It’s interesting, I’m working on my “start a new healthy habit” page. And one of the first exercises is to change a negative goal into a positive one. I.e. focus on what you want to be eating instead of what you don’t want to be eating…

    Also interesting about putting the food on your plate. My son loves the snack plate I give him. It has a variety of foods, including fruit, animal crackers, vegetables, chocolate chips etc, arranged in a fun way on the plate. He loves it. I have to say that I should make myself a snack plate too. I think there is something to be said for being visually satisfying…

  2. Debbish says:

    I haven’t made peace with it yet, but I’m all about the ceremony – so I HAVE to use a plate or bowl and have to be sitting somewhere comfy. Unfortunately it’s usually in front of the television and involves mindless eating, but either way… it’s an event!

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