Mindful Eating Challenge #15

I am not much of a gum-chewer. I lose interest with it very quickly. When I dieted a lot, chewing gum in the evenings helped me through some of those moments when I wanted to eat.

Sometimes it makes sense to distract yourself from your emotions. We can’t feel our emotions 24 hours a day. We need to take breaks!

However, it’s not healthy to be constantly avoiding our feelings either.

I’ve avoided my feelings almost my entire life. I was told I didn’t need to feel or a certain way. Or. I shouldn’t feel a certain way.

My family is very *nice*.

We don’t get too happy and we don’t get too sad.

I always was different from that. I had some extreme feelings. And no outlet for them.

What I’m working on right now, is being with my feelings, ~if only for a few minutes.

Let me tell you. It isn’t easy. Being in my body AND having feelings is so hard for me. Learning to find calm is the journey I am on.

So, when I decide to take a break from my feelings. I’m going to try drink some tea.

I love TAZO tea!!!!

Drinking ANY type of beverage is a challenge for me! I’m a gulper. Big time. So, I’m off  to savor my Tazo!

Do you use food to deal with emotions? What strategies do you use to over come this?


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One Response to Mindful Eating Challenge #15

  1. Debbish says:

    Not sure I’ve worked out how to overcome the emotional eating (emptiness? / boredom?) yet.

    I’m not a gum-chewer at all. I occasionally have a piece after my lunch at work if I’ve had something with onion or very flavoursome (for my breath) and chew if for a minute or two and get rid of it once the flavour starts to disappear, so I definitely would fail at this challenge!


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