Mindful Eating Challenge #16

So the desire to eat chocolate emotionally struck me on Friday at work. It doesn’t happen often, but it had been an unbearable week in terms of my hormones and my triggers: People, Places, & Things.

I had left over chocolate from Valentine’s Day in my desk. It was a Symphony bar. I remember when Hershey first came out with them. I immediately wanted to try them, because it seemed to suit my musical side. I love the chocolate combination that Symphony bar provides: chocolate, almonds, & toffee.

I had a one track mind: MUST EAT CHOCOLATE NOW.

Taking a walk did not even occur to me. Even if it had, it would have seemed impossible in the setting where I work.

Regardless, I ate the first bite quickly, but then slowed down and savored the 3 squares of chocolate I ate. It ended up being a mindful experience.

Yes, I used chocolate to alleviate some stress. However, I did so mindfully. I don’t regret the decision I made to eat the chocolate. I won’t need the chocolate every time. And perhaps one day… a walk will fit the bill.

How do you find relief from stress at work?


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5 Responses to Mindful Eating Challenge #16

  1. Exceleration says:

    Hi there!
    Just like in the challenge above, the best way I’ve found to help manage and calm those type of driving cravings is to make sure that I walk/move regularly. Take a walk at lunch or an hour before I leave work is really helpful. Also, I’ve started watching and counting my breathes at work, when I get distracted and lose count, I start back over with the intention of trying to count to 25 or 50 depending on the time that I have available. Also, sipping on some water, taking the time to stretch, or blow some bubbles is also helpful. 🙂

  2. Exceleration says:

    Hi there!
    Just like in the mindful eating practice above, the best way I’ve found to help curb/calm those must have sugar/chocolate cravings is to walk/move regularly! Truthfully, I have noticed that cravings like that come on more when I’ve skipped breakfast. Although I know very clearly that responding to my hunger is key to self-care, I have recently let that priority slip due to more stress at work and need to reconnect and recenter. Also, taking a walk during lunch or an hour or two before I leave has been very helpful. Other practices such as sipping on water, stretching my body, and taking the time to blow some bubbles at work has also been beneficial in relieving some of the tension that I’m feeling that may help drive that “must eat chocolate now” craving. 🙂

  3. Debbish says:

    I’m pretty good at work and don’t tend to eat unhealthy stuff. Diet Coke is probably my biggest crutch at work. I did (however) eat a STACK of chocolate yesterday. My biggest problem is buying myself treats and thinking I ‘deserve’ them!


  4. I feel that way when I drink coffee. It’s just such a relief (and it feels so necessary these days. I know many people go without but I don’t plan to do so any time soon). For me, it’s both a calming and energizing effect. Kind of mindful, maybe :-).

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