Mindful Eating Challenge #19

Ooooh, this one is a struggle for me! Here is how I’m improving & where I still struggle.

Strengths: I’ve been using a scooper to portion out nuts. In addition, I’ve been using small bowls to put veggies and fruit in.

Areas to consider: ICE CREAM~ Well, if I have a carton, I rarely portion it out. It might be better to think about *howmuch* I want to have before I eat it. I also should consider how I want to feel when I am done. Honestly, right now I’ve just been purchasing individually wrapped ice cream bars. I don’t desire to have cartons of ice cream in my house. However, that could change in the future. Should I decide to change my mind? This is what I would buy:

For now, I will enjoy this:

Now it’s your turn.

How do you eyeball how much food you will need?
Also, what is your favorite ice cream treat?
What visual cues do you use to stay mindful?


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One Response to Mindful Eating Challenge #19

  1. Debbish says:

    I don’t tend to eat out of boxes or packets. I’m big on the ritual, so I always put stuff in a bowl etc BUT portioning it out would be a problem for me, cos once something’s opened it’s all gone!!! It’s actually something I must try doing. Perhaps open a packet and only put a certain amount in a bowl. Even if I go back for more, I’ve started a process of portioning out. (I hope!)

    I’m not a big eater of ice cream and as I’m coeliac, GF options are a bit limited!


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