Mindful Eating Challenge #20

I’m guilty of eating when I’m not hungry. Here’s a secret. I start most of my days with a stop at McDonalds for a large, Diet Coke, light ice. I limit myself to one pop a day. There are so many reasons why soda pop is not the best choice for me, but there are only so many things I want to change about myself at a time.

I have an electronic post-it note on my laptop that says “amihungry?” & one I just added last week that says “howmuch?”. I’ve decided to add another note that says “thirsty?.”

I can also use other visual cues. For example, at lunch time I have a friend that always has a big jug of water with her. That can be my cue to grab a glass from the lounge, & fill it up with some old-fashioned, retro H2O. Can you believe I don’t usually drink anything with my meals?

To give myself credit, I typically keep a water bottle in my car. Some of the time it is filled with water. I will continue with this habit.

How do you remind yourself to drink water?

Any suggestions on how to make water more fun?

My ideas? Add Strawberries, Cucumbers, Lemons, Limes, or Oranges!


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6 Responses to Mindful Eating Challenge #20

  1. Run Eat Play says:

    I recently started drinking more water too. I started carrying a water bottle with me everywhere. If it’s there, I’ll drink it! I also try to drink a cup of water before eating a meal and with the meal.
    The one drink that I could never give up is coffee – but I limit myself to one cup a day.
    Good luck with your water drinking!

  2. I have a 101.4 ounce jug on my desk at work. Every morning, I fill the jug with water and challenge myself to drink it by 2 pm. I pour the water in to a cup and use a straw for drinking, it helps drink it faster. So it’s nice having that visual reminder of the fullness/emptiness of the jug to keep me on track!

  3. Sometimes using a straw, plenty of ice, and a little lime juice really does it for me. Maybe it’s a childhood thing?

  4. Debbish says:

    One thing I do well is drink A LOT of water. I keep a bottle on my desk filled constantly and go through a few bottles during the day. I also have a cold water filter at home cos I like cold water. I also do stuff like dilute champagne with soda water and drink water while I’m drinking red wine!

    Thank god there’s something I do healthily!!!


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