Mindful Eating Challenge #21

Yoga is my love. It’s a way for me to be with my Self. I have said it before: for me yoga is prayer in motion. Quiet time for me to be IN my body & connect with it.

You see, I do almost ANYTHING to not be in my body. Mostly that means stuffing my feelings down with food. There is a disconnection between myself and my physical body.

Yoga is a way for me to get grounded & be in the present moment. I’m still learning to take these lessons of the mat.

I definitely believe that yoga helps me tune into my body. It helps me figure out what it actually needs.

I really prefer to do yoga in kula or community. If I’m at home, I don’t mind doing a few cat-cow stretches. Once in a while I’ll do legs up the wall.

In class, I love Warrior I.

Do you practice yoga? What are your yoga experiences? How do you feel after taking a yoga class?

Me? Not quite calm, but moving towards it! 🙂


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  1. I don’t yoga. I might take one of the yoga classes at the gym next month though. I’m working on my core this summer so I know yoga is supposed to help with that!

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