Mindful Eating Challenge #25

Oooh, what a great opportunity for me to use my Cooking 101 skills. I recently went to a Pampered Chef party, where I purchased some rosemary-infused olive oil. Unfortunately, it has not arrived yet. 😦

So…. I had to see what I had in my cupboard.

Actually, pretty pathetic. I had thrown out most of my spices about 3 months ago when I was decluttering. (Expired & never used!)

So, yes… sprinkles are not a spice. The nutmeg and cinnamon are for the annual jul risgrynsgröt I make. (Swedish Christmas rice pudding)

Okay, and also? No time to cook this week. Busy end-of-the year events, plus exercise and seeing helping professionals.

Any suggestions as a restock my spice cabinet? I most would use them to add spice to proteins such as chicken, salmon, tilapia, or pork. HELP!!! INTERVENTION!


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9 Responses to Mindful Eating Challenge #25

  1. Kate says:

    My mom still has spices in her cabinets that were from the first house I grew up in. They have moved five times and are probably older than I am!

    Yay for rice pudding! My grandma made it on Christmas Eve and would put an almond on the bottom of my sister and my bowls for “good luck.” Good luck being a chocolate santa.

  2. Pen says:

    Salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, basil….to start.

  3. Silvia says:

    Add to Pen’s list: Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute (a great all-purpose seasoning), chili powder and cinnamon (can be added to sweets and salty foods like pork, a wonderful lean meat).

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