Mindful Eating Challenge #26

Small Changes. I’m in favor of that. I’m trying to be more mindful of my choices of what I eat at work. Lately, I feel like a human garbage disposal. People bring food in from parties they’ve had over the weekend (leftovers) and I rifle through it without considering: Am I Hungry? If so, how much? Do I actually enjoy this?

I’m trying to back more enjoyable, more satisfying lunches. Then I can see if any of the goodies available are a good match. Sometimes a deep breath in is what I really need. However, sometimes that cake calls. And it’s actually great-tasting! In that case, I can grab a baggie, and save some for later.

What is just one mindful action you can take today?


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2 Responses to Mindful Eating Challenge #26

  1. Debbish says:

    I will try to eat something mindfully….

    I’m like the small-change concept and am trying to do that this month (the photo-a-day challenge AND trying to cut out my danger / binge foods – just for the month!)


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