Shiny Balloons

Shiny Balloons, by Julie Davis

I wake up in the morning with a plan.
I am motivated and focused on doing great things for myself, others, and God.
Then, I see a shiny balloon.
It captivates me.
I grab it.
It carries me away from my plan.
I don’t care.  It’s so shiny!
I fly and fly with my shiny balloon.
I have fun.  I forget my struggles.  I disappear.
Then, the balloon pops.
I fall back to reality with a “thud.”
My plan – uncompleted– stares at me.
“Oooh!  Another shiny balloon!”
I grab it.

What are the “shiny balloons” that tend to lure you away from your plans?

“50% Off”sales
Internet surfing
Emails,texts, phone calls
Cookies,chips, ice cream
Warm sheet sand pillows
Things to clean and organize
Books and magazines
People in need

There’s nothing wrong with any of the above.  But when you grab fun, interesting,comfortable, tasty, pleasurable, and distracting “shiny balloons” instead of sticking to your plan, when and how are those plans going to get done?

This week I invite you to consider the following:
1.     What is your plan?
2.     What are the “shiny balloons” that lure you away from this plan?
3.     Why? What is it about your plan that makes you want to fly away?
4.     What if you didn’t fly away?
5.     How are you going to let “shiny balloons” fly by you without grabbing them?


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