Jennifer Polle, Interview Part Two & Giveaway Winner

Our giveaway winner is Debbish of Diet Schmiet! Congratulations & be sure to email me your mailing address!!!

And now, Part 2 of the interview!!

Meditation & Hypnosis can have negative connotations to people who come from a religious background. Can you relieve any misconceptions that may still exist?

Sure, I’m happy to speak to that. I come across these misconceptions from time to time–I think it’s mostly due to misinformation from TV, movies, and other media. Some people think that hypnosis is some sort of scary “mind control”, or even “dark” in some way, when that’s simply not true.  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis…which means that the listener is totally in control of the process at all times.  No one can be forced to do or believe anything, unless they want to.  We, as humans, have this incredible ability to get ourselves into a very relaxed place and tap into what some might call our God-given ability to heal: emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. For those who may be hesitant to listen to a hypnosis or meditation CD, it might help to think of it this way: if you’ve ever lain in bed in that place between being fully asleep and fully awake, that’s actually a form of hypnosis.  If you’ve ever driven somewhere while your mind is on something else completely and yet arrived safely at your destination, that’s a form of hypnosis, too (called “highway hypnosis!”).  My point is that it’s a really natural and safe state, which can be a profoundly healing tool when used therapeutically. I definitely believe in judging things by their fruits or their outcomes.  I’ve seen hypnosis and meditation bring healing and peace many times over and that’s all I need to know.  That said, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s perfectly ok, too.

What is your most popular CD & why?

I haven’t done a tally of sales, but I’m pretty sure that Clearing Emotional Blocks is the most popular (with Intuitive Eating a close second). I think it’s because Clearing Emotional Blocks speaks to an issue that we ALL have at some point in our lives: that maybe we’re just not good enough.  It really bolsters the part of us that needs to hear that we really are OK, that we’re more than enough. When I use a similar process with clients in person, they often cry tears of relief and healing when they hear these words.  I think it’s an almost universal need, to hear that we’re really and truly good enough, just as we are.

Thanks so much, Jennifer Polle, for the opportunity to interview you!

Jennifer is happy to answer questions & can be reached at, via Facebook, or through her website.


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  1. Debbish says:

    Yay… I won!!!! Thanks for that.

    Oh and thanks also for the interview – it was great! (I was one of those people with misconceptions!)

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