Pigeon Pose & Pizza

Today I had the rare opportunity to take an afternoon yoga class. When I arrived, there was a substitute teacher -one of my favorite instructors, who typically teaches in the morning while I’m busy at work!

It seems like lately, no matter WHO the instructor is, the emphasis has been on pigeon. I have a love hate relationship with pigeon pose. It is a hip stretch.

Did you know we store a lot of emotions in our hips? It can be an emotional experience to be in pigeon. For me, it is an intense sensation that hurts so good. It involves breathing into those spaces that are crying out for relief.

I ate pizza.

Before yoga class. Because I was physically hungry. I ate it in my car, while listening to the radio. I wasn’t driving. It felt relaxed.

When I came out of yoga class, I noticed still the pizza in car, but had no desire to eat.

I was off to go tutor & after tutoring I forgot about the pizza, but realized I was hungry.

At first I said to myself,  “Why am I hungry? I just ate pizza! (I said this without judgment, more out of curiosity.) Then I realized that was about 3 hours ago, so my body’s signals were in fact probably dead on!

So I ate the rest of the pizza and found satisfaction for the second time that day.


trust your body. always.


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6 Responses to Pigeon Pose & Pizza

  1. Miz says:

    ALWAYS!! Ive found that too. when I let go and look inward I know what I need.

  2. Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I’ve started the Appetite Awareness Training program (Linda Craighead) that I found sort of through you. Her work turned up in my searches on intuitive eating. Her monitoring is about how our stomach feels when we are deciding to eat and how it feels after we eat. I’ve had a tough time stopping eating though my stomach tells me I’m full. I’m committing to honoring my body by stopping eating when it signals I’ve had enough.

    Pigeon Pose looks like something I need.

    • That is so cool! I’ve never read the book, but I downloaded her worksheets online. I still use them from time to time. I struggle too, with stopping at satisfaction. I’m working on having something fun to do after I eat, so I don’t mind stopping as much.

  3. I have been focusing on my hips/glutes/very lower back a lot in the past year or so…in terms of strengthening, stretching and getting deep massage. It has made a world of difference both physically and emotionally…I think I was holding a lot of stuff there and the resultant stiffness and pain was a signal. A mind-body connection for sure…

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