Burrito Roadblock

So, after many beautiful months of continuous attuned eating, I’ve hit a roadblock. It’s been about 10 days of eating until I’m am uncomfortably full, and eating when I am definitely not physically hungry. I think the low point was at a stressful, holiday family gathering when I saw a hot dog on the floor, checked to see that no one was looking, and ate it.

Tonight, I went Chipotle. I definitely had some hunger. I ordered a burrito bowl. I knew that eating all of it would NOT FEEL GOOD. At first, I ate it mindfully, checking in with myself to see where my hunger levels were at. But, I did indeed eat the whole enchilada burrito.

Dr. Michelle May posted this Mindful Moment on her Facebook page, “Be honest with yourself about why you eat. It’s a huge opportunity for awareness and growth.”

Why am I eating mindlessly?

I feel rejected in some of my relationships. It makes me feel very unacceptable to myself.

I’m eating a lot when I have down time. Usually, I’m on the go.

I’m not getting enough sleep.

I know I need radical self-kindness, but what does that look like?

Crying (a lot)

Forgiving myself

Being gentle with myself

Possibly tracking my hunger/satiety levels

Adding more joy

How do you handle roadblocks in life?


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3 Responses to Burrito Roadblock

  1. sexyflexi says:

    I hear ya girl; and the biggest step in the right direction is that you’re taking the time to acknowledge it.
    Rather than focus on the past 10 days, try to remember what it felt like when you WERE in tune with what you were eating. Find someone you can confide it; that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to hold you accountable, and you don’t need to dump everything on them. But I’ve found that when I have someone that’s willing take a couple minutes out of their day to talk me out of a binge (AKA I shoot them a text and say, hey I’m staring at a carton of ice cream and I think I’d like to eat it all) I’m more willing to take a step back and rethink why I’m having these feelings. It brings focus to the current moment in time.
    Now, I certainly don’t have all this figured out. In fact, I’m only 5 days without an “event,” but that’s something.
    Baby steps. ❤

  2. Debbish says:

    I love that notion of being honest with yourself. I think that sometimes we try to fool ourselves but we rarely can! We know better!

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