Out of Alignment

Things are out of alignment.

Not my breaks. Not my shoulder. My eating.

Initially, my thoughts went to …. MUST CONTROL. MUST USE WILLPOWER. MUST enable FORCE.

Like that EVER worked well in the past! 🙂

Just like a yoga pose, I need to flow into gentle eating once again. That means checking in with my hunger and satisfaction signals. It means allowing myself not to feel stuffed all the time -with food and my emotions.

It means learning how to deal with down time without food.
* Listening to relaxation cds
* Walking by myself
* Going to the pool solo
* Reading a trashy magazine
* Organize my front closet (horrors)

In a yoga class, I can get back into alignment by looking at my form, using my instructor’s cues, have my instructor do an adjustment.

Off the mat, I can look back at what felt good before in my body, I can listen to my helping professionals and be vulnerable with them & myself, I can organize/prepare my groceries into healthful, nurturing meals.

From Bikram Yoga Andersonville:
“You are so interesting. Just notice yourself. Feel your body in the posture without judging it. Be still. If there’s some alignment issue you’d like to change, just notice it. You’ll get it next time. Right now, be still and feel your body.”

I’m really not good at being still.

What are your alignment suggestions when going off the mat?


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7 Responses to Out of Alignment

  1. Megan says:

    While I don’t really have any good suggestions as I’m trying to figure out how to nudge myself back in a better direction, I want to say this line is genius:
    “Just like a yoga pose, I need to flow into gentle eating once again.”

  2. Megan says:

    Uh, didn’t mean to post that without also adding, I think you have exactly the right idea there. And I’m totally stealing it, so thank you.

  3. sexyflexi says:

    I find that the key to readjusting is allowing for forgiveness of self. I find I spend so much time feeling sorry for my relationship to food but I never truly accept my own apology. Working on that…

  4. I’ve been reading your posts and just got to sit down and answer. I’m not sure my suggestions will be helpful for you, but I recently found myself out of alignment, too. My helps were keeping going to yoga (even when I don’t feel like it- sometimes I just have to show up) and cut out/down on sugar (I feel like it messes with my blood sugar WAY to easily- especially when I’m tired, which is a lot of the time).

    Also, I’m never quite sure if I should sign in as Social Eater or Sarah on your blog, so I try to do a mix of the two:-).

  5. Debbish says:

    I’m the same… not good at downtime WITHOUT food. I’m currently in a pretty good place mentally when it comes to food (well, for me!), but still have a long way to go!


  6. What a beautifully written post! When my life is out of alignment, my food and weight follow in that direction. I have trouble getting back on track and am happy to see that others feel this way to and that I can learn from their experiences.

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