Learning to Surf the Waves

“Let go of the ways you though life would unfold; the holding of plans or dreams or expectations — Let it go.
Save your strength to swim with the tide. The choice to fight what is here before you now will only result in struggle, fear, and desperate attempts to flee from the very energy you long for.
Let it all go and flow with the grace that washes through your days whether you receive it gently or with all your quills raised to defend against invaders.
Take this on faith: the mind may never find the explanations that it seeks, but you will move forward nonetheless.
Let it all go and find the place of rest and peace, and certain transformation.

~Danna Faulds

If it was supposed to have happened, it would have. The past and present are the way they are for reason. That doesn’t mean I can’t change my future. But do you ever get into those thoughts of “But, my life is supposed to be like _____ this!” I do! I struggle. I scream. I try to shift things.

The internal struggle seems futile.

It seems more peaceful to be a lover of what is.

You know, enjoy the life you are in… find some gratitude for it, and continue to create your own destiny, without being stuck in old story lines that no longer fit who you are today.


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9 Responses to Learning to Surf the Waves

  1. Sue Ellen says:

    I decided a while ago that I can’t keep waiting for [insert desire of the moment] before I start living. Because whatever it is I desire – thinness, a different job, romance, whatever – is by no means guaranteed to me. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find myself wishing I hadn’t spent so many years hoping and waiting for some ideal life that never appeared.
    *(Disclaimer: I’m not particularly good at this yet. But I’m trying.)

    • I’m so with you. I blogged about that sometime ago. I gotta find the link and stick it in.

      We are in this together!!

      Note: I found the post on an old blog. I will have to repost here some time.

    • I’ve blogged about this before too. I have this same conversation with myself about once a year (around my birthday, usually). In time, though, I’ve learned to accept that things really do happen for a reason, and it all works out in the end. And I have to stop making plans for what’s supposed to happen in my life… nothing is supposed to happen. ugh!

  2. I LOVE that artwork! And yes, the idea of surfing is much more pleasurable than either trying to swim against the waves, or just bobbing up and down and being buffeted 🙂

  3. Yes definitely, enjoy the life you are in and find joy in it! 🙂

  4. Debbish says:

    I have to admit I’m a believer in fate. Not good at ‘living in the moment’ though!


  5. Angie Ryg says:


    Love this post and reading a little about you. I am coming from the heart felt response you left me a bit ago at http://www.findingjoyineverydaymoments.blogspot.com.

    My favorite image in this post is “without being stuck in old story lines.” Being a writer I often plan what I will write, but this reminded me that I cannot plan my life because I am using my old self. I desire to be led by God and join Him in His work. In the Bible, in Jeremiah 29:11, it says,”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

    Thanks for the reminder on trusting in His mighty plans!


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