You Have to Stop Sometime

Last week, I was bemoaning the fact of how hard it was to stop eating when my body tells me I am satisfied.

It’s so sad!

What are you sad about?

That I can’t eat anymore!

What else?

My break is over and I have to go back to working with my clients.

What could you say to yourself in that moment?

I really enjoyed my mindful meal, and I look forward to the next break I will enjoy as well.

I was reminded that no matter if I choose to stop at satisfaction, or whether I chose to overeat, you have to stop at some point. The eating on and on doesn’t last forever.

I’m in the driver’s seat. I am in charge of how my body will feel. I can choose to stop whenever I want to.

But, how I will I feel afterwards?

In the beginning of my yoga class, I make an intention for my practice. I usually pick a word like “calm”, “peace”, or “love.”

What if I made that same intention with my eating?

How do I want to feel after I’m done eating? Emotionally? Physically?

How much food do I need to get me to that place? What behaviors support that?

I had the opportunity to put this theory into practice. I was lucky enough to have a long lunch BY MYSELF at a local China Buffet.

I had a plate full of food. I enjoyed it pretty mindfully, savoring each bite. I reached satisfaction, and the sadness immediately set in.

But I still want to eat. I didn’t get to try everything I wanted to! Now I have to go back to work!

But, I remembered that mantra of “You have to stop at some point.”

I checked in with my body, and I felt about a 6.5 of the hunger scale. A little past satisfied. I really wanted to challenge myself to feel the feelings of sadness, and then walk away feeling really good in my body, instead of feeling overfull.

I decided to just enjoy the light feeling in my body and savor my Diet Coke. I didn’t need to eat, and I carried that good feeling of taking care myself all the way home.

What behaviors are you choosing to support your efforts in eating intuitively?

What are your intentions before you eat? Do you make any?


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7 Responses to You Have to Stop Sometime

  1. I remind myself to slow down and really taste the food. I know it sounds silly, but have you ever noticed when you’ve eaten something and realized you didn’t take the time to savor the flavor? Like you never even tasted it. Just chewed and swallowed? Yeah–I’ve noticed that I do that. And so I’ve tried to become more mindful with my meals–to really appreciate different textures and flavors as I eat. It makes the meal more enjoyable and satiating.

  2. Leslie Robin Neshama says:

    Thank you for this extremely thought-full post. For me, for a very long time, eating past fullness, sometimes until I thought my stomach might perforate, was almost an outside-of- reality experience.
    Hunger? Satiety? It was only the savage feedings that meant anything to me; I never wanted them to end. But, after many years, I am slowing down. Eating was about filling me, and about anesthetizing. Nowadays I am much more aware of being able to stop. That gives me such hope. Before, eating was for me almost a desperate, hopeless thing. Thanks for helping me become more conscious.

  3. Debbish says:

    I’m currently on a protein shake thing to try to address the fact that I was over-eating (as well as bingeing) on an increasing basis. It’s nice not to feel overly full for a change! I wish I could remember that feeling when the urge to overeat / binge hits!

  4. Oh, I just appreciate you so much. I’ve been struggling with overeating and reading this? Like a breath of fresh air. I’ve since adopted your mantra as my own. So helpful (and true!).

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