Weight Stigma: Recognize

Today is the first day of Weight Stigma Awareness Week of 2012


• The way you judge yourself and others based on their weight
• Weight stigma as a form of bullying
• Your own story
• You have a voice, so let your voice be heard by sending in stories of your experience.
• Talk about weight stigma on twitter using the hashtag #weightstigma!
• Participate in BEDA’s Weight Stigma Graffiti wall by posting things that
have been done or said to you, loved ones, or strangers.

I have faced weight stigma from a lot of external (from others) and internal (from myself.)

I blame a lot of my life circumstances upon my weight. If I’m feeling sad? It’s because I’m fat. I’m single & lonely? It’s because I’m fat. Had a negative confrontation at work? Well, that’s because I’m fat, too.

It’s easier to blame my fat than take responsibility for my life’s circumstances.

I use my fat as a mask… a way to stay safe. I mask my real (amazing!) self and I stay safe so I don’t have to connect with other people.

That’s why losing weight has it’s scary side for me. My body size is changing as I become more attuned to my signals of hunger & satisfaction. As I get thinner, my way of hiding from my thoughts, feelings, and relationships is being eliminating. Choosing not to eat emotionally, mean choosing to be the real me.

I want to get comfortable with me.


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3 Responses to Weight Stigma: Recognize

  1. Very honest and reflective post. It’s interesting to hear about the fears of losing weight . . . that’s not always discussed as much as being overweight.

  2. Debbish says:

    Love this post and I can relate to A LOT of it. I blame my weight for most-everything that goes wrong in my life: it’s why I’m single, childless etc.

  3. Kara says:

    I think weight stigma is everywhere, it can be obvious and also very subtle. I hope this can change. I would like to write more on this, but I’m too tired to think straight!

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