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October Foodie Penpals

I got some amazing treats this month!!! You can check out Julie’s blog at A Little Bite of Life. Thanks, Julie!!! Want to join the fun of Foodie Penpals!? Go here. What fun snack have YOU been enjoying these days? … Continue reading

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Halloween Treats: I Got Boo’ed!

At my workplace, we have a tradition during the month of October. We anonymously give each other Fall gifts such as candy, candles, drinks, goodies, etc. & include a note that tells you to pass on the Halloween love. Here’s … Continue reading

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So What About the Yoga?

So why don’t you ever blog about yoga anymore, my critical part says??? Here’s what’s going on with the whole yoga thing…. I started doing yoga about 8 years ago while I was going through a period of depression after … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Compliments

My colleague complimented me about how much weight I had lost. She remarked, “You must be working so hard!” Yes, but no. But, yes. I’m wondering if by hard work she means…. *Exercising compulsively while shaming myself *Restricting white sugar … Continue reading

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Chobani A Healthy Indulgence

Even before my visit to the dietician, I have enjoyed Chobani Greek Yogurt. It tastes like a devilish indulgence, even though it can be really good for your body and health. Chobani offered to help me on my journey towards … Continue reading

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It’s Not About the Food

I know it’s never about the food, but sometimes in the moment, it feels like it is. It’s about how much joy a sour cream potato chip can bring to my tongue. But, it’s never about the food. I screamed … Continue reading

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September NatureBox

Umami Roasted Nuts Pistachio Power Clusters Apple Orchards Granola Toasted Sesame Stix Big Island Pineapple I love these snacks~ great for on the go, and no guilt! (because they are tasty & feel good in your body) Want more information? … Continue reading

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