It’s Not About the Food

I know it’s never about the food, but sometimes in the moment, it feels like it is. It’s about how much joy a sour cream potato chip can bring to my tongue. But, it’s never about the food.

I screamed out in the middle of my food group, “I know it’s not about the food! BUT I JUST WANT TO STOP EATING!”

Of course it’s about a deeper layer of emotions, but I had no interest in exploring THAT. I just wanted to stop the madness. But unfortunately, how often I forget that in order to tackle the madness, I have to uncover the scary-ness of exiled feelings.

I want to ask myself, “What is this food doing for me in this moment?” But, I haven’t been able to slow down enough to do that.

It has been suggested that all my crazy eating is about having lost so much weight and being scared. I know I definitely feel a lot more safe when I am bigger. So, I will have to ponder that awhile. The last time I lost 60 lbs through dieting, I got super depressed, and gained it all back plus 15 lbs. This time will be different though, because I haven’t dieted, and because I’m a wiser woman now. I hope it will be different. It helps to have a possible cause.

I was actually excited to have a reason for the chaos.

I know it’s not about the food.

But, just because you have a very wise, maybe even good reason to use food, it’s not the magic wand to stopping the usage of it.


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5 Responses to It’s Not About the Food

  1. Shannon says:

    Totally agree. I know why and how I use food inappropriately (non-hunger reasons). However, that doesn’t make it any easier to stop those unhealthy habits. Sometimes, it’s almost more frustrating because you know better! It’s a process…

  2. Leslie Neshama says:

    Yes, this is a journey, a process, and as such, I make lots of false steps, missteps, and intentional self-sabotaging. What happens to me is that I “miss” the food, (which sounds ridiculous), for there is – blessedly – always food I can eat. But I miss the binge eating, and the fantasies of “all mine”. I like how I feel when I turn from the world, and I turn to the food. Writing this seems so sad to me, and embarrassing – but maybe others will identify. I like Oprah’s statement: “When we know better, we do better.” Maybe I just don’t know yet that I will safe if I do not have gobs of food to soothe me, Some day????

  3. Missy says:

    It’s not about the food…but it’s not NOT about the food. That is what I believe and many of my recovery friends as well. For us…. we abstain from things that can hyper drive our addiction (which is never about the thing you are addicted to…). That helps.

    So..I guess what I am saying is don’t beat yourself up before you examine and remember and consider the addictive nature of the food thing….and I do mean addictive as in addiction as in brain altering thing. Chemicals at play..etc.

    And yes. It’s so very simple really. But FAR from easy.

    (Hi by the way!)

  4. Debbish says:

    Yes, I can definitely relate! I often comment on my over-eating and binge eating NOT being about the food itself BUT… then (for example) sometimes it IS about the food and what I choose to eat – when bingeing or over-eating… or any time at all.

    I’m sick at the moment and my taste buds are all-over-the-shop so it’s hard for me to feel like anything at all. But, I’m still eating. Of course.

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