So What About the Yoga?

So why don’t you ever blog about yoga anymore, my critical part says???

Here’s what’s going on with the whole yoga thing….

I started doing yoga about 8 years ago while I was going through a period of depression after losing 60 pounds. I really flirted with yoga. I’d attend hard core for about 3 months, and not go for about 9 months. This pattern continued for many years.

Then about 2 years ago, I really wanted to commit to going to yoga on regular basis. I struggled, though because since going to yoga the first time, I had gained about 75 pounds. My body was different. Yoga was hard and not comfortable. I started taking private lessons to find out how I could modify and adjust the poses for my body.

I used these amazing resources:

Curvy Yoga
Body Positive Yoga

I started going to yoga for about 3 times a week for over a year. I found a teacher I loved, even though I was triggered from time to time when various teachers would project their own bad body thoughts on to me.

Then the last 6 months,  I’ve drifted a bit. I still go to yoga at least once a week. But, things are different. I’ve started practicing with a new teacher, so maybe that will inspire me.

From time to time I think about adding more yoga in, but now that I am exercising regularly (2 years ago I was not), it’s hard to add more yoga into my schedule.

I am not interested in beginning a home practice. I love the sense of community or kula that vibrates when I am in a class.

So, yeah… my relationship with yoga evolves & changes… as do most of the relationships in my life!

What’s YOUR yoga story?


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13 Responses to So What About the Yoga?

  1. kwarren1970 says:

    I do yoga anywhere from 2-4 times a week in addition to other workouts. I teach yoga too and at one place I do a big chunk of the class with the participants and at another place I do maybe 50% because I walk around as I cue, offer modifications and slight adjustments. I’m definately on a yoga journey. I want to grow, learn, teach, and write. I just started a blog here on WordPress maybe a month ago. It is my hope to teach a a yoga series in my backyard this upcoming summer. I already teach at Air Force base fitness centers and get a regular attendance of health adult clients. I do want to expand out of that box with other types of clients. So thought I’d start with my backyard. Have to let you know how that goes.

  2. When I first injured myself running a few years ago, I turned to yoga to help. But try as I might, my over usage injuries were not healing, and I was definitely not liking yoga. I was using it as a filler. But forcing myself to attend classes only resulted in eventually giving up on it, and not going at all. So, I spent about a year and half away from yoga, before trying it again. When I went back to it this time, it was for a much different reason. I was ready for it. I wanted to be there. And I had an appreciation for all that it had to offer (and what I could do with it). This time it stuck! Or I stuck. Whatever–I’ve fallen in love with it. I attend a class once a week, and do a little practice on my own whenever I feel like it. It’s now an integral part of my health and wellness, and I can’t imagine not having it as some part of my life.

  3. Maura says:

    I have tried yoga (at home) various times over the last several years, never sticking with it. I want to like yoga, but I’m finally coming to accept that perhaps I don’t and I should stop forcing it – when my body and mind are ready, I’ll know. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for a slower mind/body practice that I do like.

  4. Thank you so much for the mention! To me, what you’re doing is yoga — you’re finding what works for you (how, where, when, etc) and trusting that. Nothing more yogic than that, in my opinion!

  5. melanie avjean says:

    I made a commitment to myself this fall to do 10 minutes of stretching a day. I am grateful that I have practiced yoga and are familiar with some poses.
    I am not adding a class to my schedule but my body is responding gratefully to the stretching!

  6. Debbish says:

    I’ve never really enjoyed yoga. I don’t know why (I hyperextend my legs / knees a bit and hurt them sometimes), but I just don’t get a lot out of the class. I’ve done pilates over the last 5 or so years and appreciate that a bit more.

  7. monica says:

    I have never tried yoga before…I kinda feel intimidated by it. But I do struggle with enteral anxiety so I guess I should pursue it. What would u recommend as a starting point?

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