Hitting Diet Bottom

I think in order for anyone to try anything as counter-cultural as Intuitive Eating, one has to hit Diet Bottom.

What is Diet Bottom?

Diet Bottom is realizing…

*Dieting doesn’t work in the long run, it just makes you fatter & sadder.

*There is more to life than being obsessed over food!

*Food is NOT the enemy and we DO deserve to eat, irregardless of our size.

I hit Diet Bottom after many attempts at Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, “eating healthy”, & of course the good old “living a healthy lifestyle.”

I was sick of documenting every morsel of food, and hating myself for eating three bites of brownies, & then overexercising to make up for it. (I would go to the gym twice a day to pay penance.)

I knew there had to be another way! That way lead to imperfect peace.

Did you reach a moment in your life where you hit Diet Bottom?


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4 Responses to Hitting Diet Bottom

  1. I had always been successful at dieting, (if you can call it that) I could drop weight pretty quickly. I used running to help. After 20 years or so of this I just could not stick to the calorie limits (I could do it only for a week or two at a time then I would binge) and after giving myself chronic IT band pain (running is out) I needed to find another way.

  2. Debbish says:

    I think I’ve hit dieting bottom, but am yet to crawl my way out of the pit!!!


  3. Emma Tricker says:

    I believe i am starting to eat intuitively, but time will tell- I have just spent over two years trying to find a healthy balance without dieting excessively but unfortunately old habits meant that i did a combination of dieting and then eating exactly what i wanted, I became 2 stone larger, was it diet bottom or was it lack of discipline? A bit of both i think. I am now not eating unless hungry or concerned for my wellbeing, and enjoying lots of fruit & veg and protein as much as i can manage. If i feel like a cake or treat then i know i deserve to try it – just not going to eat junk for days-weeks.

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