Mindful Eating: Being Aware

Mindful eating is being aware of your eating habits, the sensations you experience while eating, and the thoughts and emotions that you have about food. It is more about how you eat than what you eat.

Here’s a great mindful eating tip: Don’t watch TV or surf the Internet while eating. Concentrate on your food, and you’re less likely to overeat.


I am getting much better at slowing down and really tasting my food in a calm matter. However, if I am over-hungry…. all bets are off. Then I go back to my default of shoving food into my mouth.

Eating without distractions is a bigger challenge for me. I live alone and I love it. I eat in front of the television with my computer on. The thought of sitting down at a table with nothing but me and a plate of food feels dumb and terrifying. I have done it, and typically don’t hate it, but it’s not a routine for me yet.

It feels dumb because I’m just one person. I could see eating without distractions at a table if I had a partner and children. However, it just being me… feels stupid.

But is it? Or is it the next level of self-care?

What kind of difficulties do you experience when you eat without distractions?


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6 Responses to Mindful Eating: Being Aware

  1. marnie says:

    Well, I have a similar issue. While I am trying to eat mindfully at the table everyone else in my house is off eating in front of the TV! Sometimes 2 different TVs! It is absurd. I ask them to sit at the table with me and then I have to get my teenage sons to put down their cell phones. If my husband even comes to the table- he leaves the TV news on for background noise! I know this speaks to the lack of discipline/manners in my home, but this is the society we are in. People do not slow down or really enjoy anything they do , including eating, because they have their focus in many other places at the same time.

  2. Leslie Neshama says:

    I am up against these issues right now. I am wondering how I can create a situation where I don’t eat alone – because when I do (which is almost always lately), I allow chaos to reign.
    I eat compulsively, “shove the food in” until I am sated. I KNOW that I do better, almost always, when I am with others, or in a restaurant, for example. But, by myself, so far, I haven’t been able to create order (I live alone.) Would anyone be willing to set up a support system of sorts?
    Anyone want to eat “together” via Skype? I would be willing. We could set up times that might work for people – breakfast, lunch, dinner. It perhaps could be a drop-in system, too. I don’t know if this is possible.
    Thank you and bless you for being here.

    with all my heart

  3. Kara says:

    Yes, I can certainly go into shoveling mode if I don’t eat every three hours up until dinner. Sometimes I eat after dinner, sometimes I don’t. If I’m out of the house after three hours, I take a snack with me.

  4. Debbish says:

    I’m exactly the same. I tried to eat without distractions (at a table) but found myself reading the labels on bottles nearby and picking up unread pamphlets etc.

    I must try to eat at least one meal a day on my balcony just looking out over my view. (Breakfast or lunch perhaps… Dinner in front of the TV will be a hard habit to break!)

  5. Mindful eating is always a challenge but it’s one of the best things we can try to master! I’m a big perpetrator of eating in front of the TV…I feel the need to snack when watching shows! I now snack on raspberries (LOVE them) because it’s the most harmless thing you can really snack on!

  6. Run Eat Play says:

    I really struggle with this! I am good about eating at the table, not the tv, but im always checking my email or reading when i eat. Aways. Its really something that i need to work on.

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