Trusting My Inner Wisdom or My Inner Rebel

What is the difference between Inner Wisdom and unhealthy Rebel Energy?

Inner Wisdom = Wise Woman = Self

Inner Rebellion = unhealthy Rebel Energy

Inner Wisdom comes from an inner-knowing… a calm place

Unhealthy Rebel Energy comes from a place of not accepting the present moment.

My Wise Woman tells me that checking in to weigh myself within balance is okay, perhaps every 3-6 weeks.

My unhealthy Rebel Energy says I can weigh myself anytime I feel like it.

220px-Uprising_fistBoth tell me there are no rules. The Wise Woman knows there are no rules. The Rebel tells me we will ignore the rules and just do everything opposite of what the rules say.

How do YOU define Inner Wisdom and unhealthy Rebel Energy and how do YOU distinguish between the two of them?


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5 Responses to Trusting My Inner Wisdom or My Inner Rebel

  1. Leslie Neshama says:

    Wow, this is so powerful. Thank you.
    My inner wisdom tells me that eating according to my hunger, stopping when I am full, and eating with a sense of calm and dignity is wise.
    My inner rebel shuts the door to my apartment, closes the curtains and begins the binge; I do not stop until my stomach is very full and distended. By that time, I think “Oh my G-d. I have done it again…..”
    As I write this, I am astonished to “hear” these opposing “sides”.
    I guess that is where DBT comes in….
    I need help.
    My Wise Mind is indeed telling me that.

  2. missymiller says:

    I needed to steal your descriptions…so I am (0:

    THANK YOU. NEEDED IT. <– For reals! All caps worthy.

  3. I get tripped up with your example myself. Inner wisdom wins in this case for me. I think when you use the word moderation (3-6 weeks) it’s ok. I like moderation and balance. 🙂

  4. Kara says:

    Oh yes, I have an inner rebel. I don’t define it, but I can visualize it. I see a younger self, when other people made decisions for me; do this, do that, eat this, no you can’t eat that.

    So now, when I hear the inner rebel, I talk to her; I talk to myself.

    I say to my inner rebel what she needs to hear. I tell her that I understand that she wants to eat that extra piece of cake, I know that cake tastes good. I assure her that if she really wants the cake, she can have it, but she doesn’t need it and there is more opportunities to eat cake in the future. I remind her that the anxiety is driving me to want more, but the feeling of anxiety will go away especially if I walk away from the cake.

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